Minutes for Wednesday 15th November 2017
Student RE Matters
‘Bullying and belief project’

Venue: Plashet School, Plashet Grove. East Ham E6 1DG
Time: 1-4pm
Present: Plashet, Stratford, Quwwat-ul-Islam, St Bon’s, and St Angela’s, Mrs Clinton
Apologies: Cumberland, Little Ilford


1. Registration and a shared lunch was provided by Plashet and RE Matters, which was tasty with nothing left at the end of the meeting.

2. Welcome was given by Nawal (chair) to everyone.

3. The group passed the previous meetings minutes as a true and accurate account.

4. Mrs Clinton explained the Ice-breaker task. Religious and non-religious Dingbats – the group did 3 warm up version before partnering up with someone from their school and writing answers to the 10 Dingbats. This was for some fun and to warm up the creative thinking part of our brains. Mrs Clinton revealed the answers and we marked our papers. Best 4 pairs won a prize each!

5. Mrs Clinton gave an overview for the years’ meetings and our project – where we have got to so far.

6. Students then read the tasks sheet for today’s meeting and picked 3 tasks they wouldn’t mind having a go at. Student would work with one other person from another school on the chosen task. There were 20 tasks to complete, all tasks came from the work we did in October thinking about what would be good for teachers and schools for lessons activities, assemblies and some films.

7. Students then moved into groups to work on their task on a lap-top that Plashet had sorted for us to make use of. The students worked for an hour on this task before having s short break and then sharing their work so far with the rest of their table. Students then went on to complete as far as possible the task they had been given.

8. We then gathered together to have our photograph taken as a group

9. Our final activity was to give Nawal and Noor some feedback on today’s session. The following points were made:

  • The meeting today was good as we able to make new friends and meet new people
  • It was great to come together as young people from different religions and see each other’s perspective
  • I have learnt a lot more about religion from attending today
  • Collaborating with new people has really taught me new skills today
  • I go to a single sex school, so coming today has allowed me to work in a serious manor with someone I wouldn’t normally work with
  • I have been educated by others today
  • Today has pushed me out of my conform zone but in a good way
  • It is amazing to come together as different schools in Newham and work so well with each other despite being from different religions and nationalities. The piece of work has unified us, and helped us reach our objective
  • I have learnt a lot of team work skills today

Strap line idea: best one so far
Resources and ideas to support schools against religious bullying

10. The students then started to put of putting our room back together.

11. The next meeting will be 7th December 2017 at Stratford School from 1-4pm

12. The meeting ending at 4pm